Studio Saturdays- Catherine’s Art Journal

Catherine has started to draw and glue pictures in little notebooks.  I guess she has officially started art journaling?  The things she draws in her books are pretty cute.  I can’t wait to pull them out when she is older to see how she reacts to them.  And hopefully this will turn into a life-long habit/hobby.  She is such an artistic little soul that it would be amazing to watch her art journals transform and grow and she gets older.

While we were in New York City at the end of the evening, we had her draw something that she remembered from the activities we had done during the day.  Sometimes she would draw just one page and sometimes she would draw on several pages.  I brought along a pencil box filled with markers, scissors, a glue stick, stamps, and pencils.  Of course I was fully intending on keeping up with my art journal as well.  That never happened because all I wanted to do was veg out and watch TV by the time we got her into bed.  For Catherine though, she had an absolute blast coloring in that book.  And we just loved seeing what memory she would draw.

One of the days we went to a place called the Cloisters.  There was one room filled with unicorn tapestries,  hence the picture of the unicorn on the left page below:

A picture from the M&M store in Time Square:

The Central Park Zoo:

A random page with stickers:


The bottom page is a picture of her and the firetruck and firefighter from Ladder 3.  I love the drawing of the firefighter opening up the door of the firetruck for her:


Another random page with pictures cut from a James Avery Catalog:


The Statue of Liberty on the left and more Central Park Zoo (even though there were no giraffes):


She pretty much had filled up the little red book while we were on our trip, so I picked up a Hershey’s New York City book for her to start drawing in when we got back home.  She has since filled that one up and is working on her third book.  She is doing much better than me I have to say.  I need to catch up!!


Happy Saturday!

The Fishing Princess

Catherine has been on this princess kick lately.  In some ways it’s cute and in other ways it grates on me a bit.  I don’t really consider myself a girly-girl.  I like to dress nice.  I wear a bit of makeup and jewelry and when we get invited to a formal event, I like wearing an evening gown.  Other than that, I’m pretty low maintenance.  Growing up I played in the dirt, climbed trees, and made bug hospitals.

When Catherine started in on her fascination with princesses, I wasn’t sure what to make of it.  I don’t like the princess culture that is being shoved down the throats of girls.  I think that this modern day princess culture is trying to tell girls that they must look beautiful in order to achieve a certain lifestyle, to wait on the chivalry of a man, to act like a diva, and in some aspects pushes them to grow up too quickly.  I remember dressing up as a child and it seemed much more simplistic and innocent.  Even the Disney princesses seemed more wholesome.  Maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, I like to encourage most of the things that Catherine likes, especially when it has to do with nature, art, imaginative play, and learning.  She does like her Barbie dolls but Jessie from Toy Story is still her favorite.  She loves putting on her princess gear, but I try to even it out with a good dose of outdoor fun.  I love that she loves her jewelry and wants to get her toenails painted anytime she can but I don’t want her crying when the polish chips. So far she is a pretty well-rounded little girl.  Her aunts spoil her with all of the girly-girl glam and I am super-okay with that, because she loves it.  And her father and I try to spoil her with fishing, and bug hunting, and lizard catching, and messy activities.  It’s so nice to have the family and friends and opportunities to give our child a well-rounded life where she can be a fishing princess all in one day.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day


St. Patrick’s Day is like a personal holiday for me.  On this day, 15 years ago, much to the chagrin of my parents, John and I started our life together.  He flew out to California to pack me up and move me to Texas.  I was young and naive, without a care in the world.  I was ready to fly the nest.  I am not sure if my parents were ready to for me to fly, but then again maybe they were.  I had only known him for a month but I took a chance and it was the best decision of my life.

On this day, 3 years ago, Catherine officially became a member of our family.  This time, my parents were excited.  They were ready to watch me add a baby bird to our nest and teach her how to fly.  I was not as young, less naive, and had a lot of cares in the world.  I was ready for that baby bird.  I had only known her face by a photo for a month, and then face to face for less than 24 hours but we took a chance, and she was the best decision of our lives.

I love you John & Catherine

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


3 Years Today



Three years ago today, this child was placed into our arms.   Three years ago today, our world was changed forever.  Three years ago today, we got to feel unspeakable joy.  Three years ago today, we also felt unspeakable sadness for the family who had to give this beautiful child up.  Today is a bittersweet day.

Last year’s Forever Family Day:

Family Day 2009


Forever Family Day


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