Happy Forever Family Day- 4 Years

4 years ago today we had this crying, hollering, fit-throwing baby girl placed into our arms.  It seems like yesterday and yet a life-time ago.  Those first few moments and hours are burned into my brain.  And here we are 4 years later and she is one of the happiest, go-lucky little girls around.  It has been a roller coaster ride that we have been thrilled to be on.  Everyday her personality and love for life just gets bigger and bigger.   I don’t know what I would do without my little Catherine in my life.  I know that when either John or I are away from home, we are truly never alone because we always have our little shadow close at hand.  She keeps us company, brings us joy, makes us laugh, teaches us so many things, humbles us, loves us unconditionally, and reminds us of the love of God each and everyday.

Happy Forever Family Day!  I couldn’t think of a better gift than my family and Catherine was our little miracle.  We love you to pieces my dear, sweet baby!



2008 Adoption Day in China

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Studio Saturday- The Ol’ Studio

My art space is a hot mess right now.  I haven’t straightened it up or really cleaned the area in about two months, so my table is a complete and total disaster.  Send in the craft FEMA.  I am planning on getting in there tomorrow to clean, organize and purge.  I need to figure out what I have in my supplies to be able to use in my PL album.  I also need to have a space dedicated to my art journal supplies.  Hopefully I can get most of that done tomorrow.  I also want to knock this past week’s PL out of the way.  It will be a smaller week than last week’s, so it should be pretty easy.

Hope you are having a great Saturday!

Project Life Feb26-March 3

This week’s Project Life had a lot going on since we visited the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo.  I decided on using page protector G, A and an 8 1/2×11 to get everything in.  I used some papers, stickers, washi tape, and ephemra that I had in my stash.  I also used some stamps for decorations.  It took me about 2 hours to get this whole week completed.  I really like how it turned out.  I can definitely tell that I am getting better at this type of scrapbooking.  My style has evolved from my first layout the first week of January.

Rodeo Queen

Down here in the south, and anywhere else that is rich with the rodeo culture, there is this little right of passage for children called Muttin’ Bustin.  Basically a child between the ages of 3-7 can hang on to the back of a sheep while it runs to the other side of a rodeo arena.  Whoever hangs on the longest wins.  It’s just too cute and most kids enjoy it and come back year after year to ride the sheep until they are either too heavy or too old.  When that happens, if they loved it enough, they go into bronco or bull riding and for the girls barrel racing.

I love watching the little kids hanging on with all of their might.  It’s one of my favorite things to do when the rodeos start coming to town.  I never imagined though that Catherine would one day want to join in on the action.  She’s fearless.  And as soon as she saw the sheep she begged to do it.  And as soon as she started begging, I started thinking over 1000 excuses I could tell my Mom on why we let her ride a sheep.  My Mom is a fan of watching but not so much on letting her granddaughter participate.  Totally understandable, but I couldn’t let the opportunity pass us up.  We explained to her what she would need to do, and that the sheep might run fast, and that she could possibly fall off, however we did brief her extensively on how to hold on tight.

She was pretty excited to get all gussied up with a helmet and a special leather jacket with the number 8.  And I thought she looked so stinking cute lined up with all of the other boys and girls.

She was number 6 in line out of 18 kids and the rides were pretty short.  Before we knew it she was standing in the holding pen waiting to be placed on her sheep.  She kept practicing her sheep squeeze which was just too funny.  Finally, she was up!  The cowboys placed her on the sheep, she grabbed on for dear life and the sheep ran off.  She made it almost all the way to the other side.  In fact she did so well that she got 3rd place!  She was thrilled.

I have to admit that she cried a wee, little bit because the sheep fell on her but she was good to go and said she loved it.  We couldn’t believe how well she did!  Nah…she is Catherine!  We knew that fearless little bugger would do awesome!

After all the kids had their turn, the got in line and marched out to the middle of the arena to get their awards.  I just loved seeing all of the little girls out there!  I love a rough and tumble, get your hands dirty kind of a girl.

She couldn’t be more proud of her ribbon and t-shirt!  In fact she brought it to school the next day.  Her preschool teacher wasn’t too sure on whether she was telling the truth about riding the sheep but when I confirmed the story she got a good laugh out of it!  It was a fun experience and I think we are all glad she got the chance to do it.  She is my little rodeo queen.  Sorry Nana, hope we didn’t make your heart race too fast!

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