I Statements

Our little family had a busy weekend on the road.  We took a short road trip to New Braunfels this past Friday to spend a weekend planning for my organization’s 1st Annual Texas Fallen Heroes Family Retreat.  We are hosting it at the T Bar M Resort, which is a FABULOUS place!  We had a great time with some of my volunteers planning out the retreat activities, swimming, playing games, catching butterflies and caterpillars and just hanging out together.  We are back home now, which is always nice but I really miss the Hill Country!  Other than the fire ants (which Catherine is deathly allergic to), it would be a fabulous place to raise a child.

Today I am taking a rest day, which I have been mandated to do weekly in order to not get myself back to that yucky, stressful place that I was at a few weeks ago.  It’s a pretty easy day to take a rest since it’s storming and I’m not feeling so hot.  I am pretty sure I have an ear infection…yet again, which is not good because I have to fly on later this week.

I have been loving all of the meme posts that I have been seeing on blogs recently.  I did one a couple of weeks ago and got some great feedback on it.  A couple of days ago I found this list off of Becky Higgins’ blog and thought it would be fun to kick the week off with my own ‘I Statements’ list.  I hope you like it!  And I hope you have a great week!


i was …  thinking that I need to get on the ball with planning Catherine’s birthday party.

i am … feeling a bit run down and tired today.  I haven’t slept well in a few days which is really hard on me.

i think … I have some of the best volunteers and staff members that help me with my organization.

i wonder … what it would be like if I gave the organization up and did something completely different.

i wish … some days that I got paid for the work that I do but I know that my work is not any less valuable because I don’t get a paycheck.

i save … memorabilia like receipts and ticket stubs.

i always … look forward to the evenings. 7pm-10pm is my favorite part of the day

i can’t imagine … life without John or Catherine.

i believe … the best in everybody.

i promise … I really got a D in High School Photography.

i love … rainy days like today.

i create… by writing, photographing, and art journaling to express myself.

Passover Seder

We were invited to spend a Passover seder meal with our friends.  I just love the way this family celebrates their faith.  One of them is Christian and the other is Jewish and they blend their faith celebrations together so beautifully for their family.  I have had a fascination for Judiasm for a long time.  I love their rich history, the culture, and the traditions.  I have joked with John on several occasions that I would probably be a Messianic Jew if I could.  As a matter of fact, St. Paul’s Chapel in New York City just announced that a progressive Jewish community would be opening a synagogue at St. Paul’s Chapel.  When I heard the news I was a bit envious that there was such a church and synagogue community available…wishing that there was one here as well.  I love St. Paul’s and everything that they stand for and I love how they opened their doors to this Jewish community.

Anyway, when Julie & Russ invited us to share Passover with them, I was thrilled.  We had a wonderful time sharing such a special holiday meal with them!


Easter Decorations & Some Flower Shots Too

Spring is my second favorite season.  My favorite being Autumn.  I love spring though because the earth is waking up from her long winter slumber.  The flowers start to bloom.  The birds return to our feeders.  The trees and grass start growing wildly.  I love this sweet time of warm days and cool evenings.  It’s the break before the heat of summer comes bearing down.

Spring is also the time to celebrate the resurrection.  I decorate our home for the Easter celebration with lots of traditional and Christian decorations.  I also mix in some spring decorations in order to stretch out the decorations until the end of April.  I hope you enjoy the photos!

Spring Flowers

Wildflower season is in full bloom here!  And what does that mean?  It means that we head out to a nearby property to take our annual bluebonnet photos.  We are lucky to have a nice little patch so close to home.  This year we did go in the middle of the day, which makes for horrible lighting conditions, but there was a bit of cloud cover so that saved us on most of our shots.  We do have a few squinty eye photos and some with shadows, but I am pretty happy with the results.

Remembering Chief

It’s been a year since our dear, sweet Chief left our lives.  There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t think about her.  Her best friend Shadow hasn’t been the same without her…none of us really have.  I miss my soul therapy dog more than words can say.

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