Easter Decorations & Some Flower Shots Too

Spring is my second favorite season.  My favorite being Autumn.  I love spring though because the earth is waking up from her long winter slumber.  The flowers start to bloom.  The birds return to our feeders.  The trees and grass start growing wildly.  I love this sweet time of warm days and cool evenings.  It’s the break before the heat of summer comes bearing down.

Spring is also the time to celebrate the resurrection.  I decorate our home for the Easter celebration with lots of traditional and Christian decorations.  I also mix in some spring decorations in order to stretch out the decorations until the end of April.  I hope you enjoy the photos!

Spring Flowers

Wildflower season is in full bloom here!  And what does that mean?  It means that we head out to a nearby property to take our annual bluebonnet photos.  We are lucky to have a nice little patch so close to home.  This year we did go in the middle of the day, which makes for horrible lighting conditions, but there was a bit of cloud cover so that saved us on most of our shots.  We do have a few squinty eye photos and some with shadows, but I am pretty happy with the results.

Studio Saturday- Egg Decorating Party


This week’s Studio Saturday is about the annual egg decorating party that we host every year at our home.  Well, this is the 2nd year we have hosted it for a little group of Catherine’s friends.  My crafting skill for that weekend was to throw a nice party for the kiddos and also have a bit of decorating and fun in mind for the adults.


Let the fun begin!

After the beautifully decorated eggs have dried, we hid them in our backyard.  The kids were ANXIOUSLY waiting for the hunt to begin.

After every single egg (probably over 180) had been found, we scooted them together for a group photo.

And then the parents got sneeky and snuck in behind them and cracked confetti eggs on them.



These ‘currently’ lists are the next best thing to the bucket list.  I have seen them on several blogs and so I thought I would post one too.  I like Elise Blaha’s ‘currently’ list, so I am going to use it for mine.  I hope she doesn’t mind!

relieved that an issue that we have been having with the planning of the Memorial Ride & Cook-Off seems to be somewhat resolving itself.

running is the furthest thing from my mind right now.

determined to simplify my life a bit.

addicted to jelly bellies.

loving this self imposed staycation.

making plans to take Catherine with the blue bonnets.

noticing how tired I really am.

thankful that I have the support and love of my family.

proud of my husband how hard he works to support us.

watching Real Housewives (it’s my guilty pleasure).

anxious to get this event behind me.

happy to have some down time.

ready to get started on our vegetable garden.

working on catching up on Project Life.

marveling that Catherine will be starting kindergarten in 5 months.

wondering what in the world caused Catherine’s terrible allergic reaction last week.

changing some things in my life.

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