Week in the Life (4/27 & 28)

Friday 4/27- I had to fly to Baltimore, MD for a training session for a new camp that the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation is putting together for children of fallen firefighters.  I am hoping that I get to be a camp counselor or assist the camp in some other way.  I hopped on to a morning flight so that I could get there in plenty of time to have dinner with my ‘adopted’ East Coast family, the Reids.

I saw this really neat ad in the Spirit magazine on the airplane and thought I would post it:

Once I checked in, I had a quick snack of crab bisque and mini crab cakes while I waited for the Reids to get off work.  This hotel serves the best crab soup!

Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of dinner with them or with all of my friends that came in for training.  Those firefighters are like my second family because I see them 4-5 times a year at different fallen firefighter events.  They are a hilarious group of people and I love being with them.  Because of the work that we do in helping families of fallen firefighters, seeing them and talking with them about our experiences helps to ground me.

Saturday 4/28- The training for the camp was on this day.  I checked out of my hotel room and then headed straight for our working breakfast.

Of course there are always a few people in classes or trainings that like to talk about random things.  One of the firefighters I was sitting next to kept writing really funny comments on his iPad.  Passing notes have come a long way!

We got out of training fairly early, so a bunch of us made a beeline to the airport so that we could get a quick snack/dinner before our flights.  Again, I didn’t get a picture of that.

I got home just in time to help put Catherine to bed and then to admire and water all of the flowers in my garden.

It was a busy but great week to document!  I had fun doing this year’s Week in the Life but it did get hectic trying to find the time to document it on the website.  It’s done though!  I hope you enjoyed following along!

Happy Birthday Catherine

Dear Catherine,

Yesterday you turned 5 years old.  We had so much fun celebrating your birthday that I didn’t even have the chance to write this post until today!  5 is such a big age.  You are no longer a baby, a toddler or even a preschooler.  5 is the start of the elementary school age!  As a matter of fact tomorrow is kindergarten round-up.  How are you now old enough to be able to go to preschool?  It was only yesterday that you were a wee, little 10 month old!

Your 4th year was a good year.  It was a big year.  You grew so much developmentally and went from being that funny, obstinate, fussy toddler to being a funny and laid back preschooler.  Even though you are still opinionated you are gentle about expressing your thoughts and desires.  You have wonderful manners even though every once in while you let out huge burps in restaurants.

You are a sensitive, creative, and extremely intelligent girl.  You are introspective and quite theological.  The things that you say and the questions you ask constantly stretch me.  I feel like I am not smart enough to answer those questions sometimes…actually, most of the time.  Just know that I try!  You definitely make me look at life differently and from a different viewpoint.  Never would I realize how much of a spiritual experience raising a child would be.  I really do believe that children show us the face of God.

You are so creative!  Your favorite thing to do is draw and color.  You aren’t much of a coloring book girl.  You would much rather draw and color your own thing.  You could cut, glue, paint and draw all day if it weren’t for the fact that you also love watching movies.  Your favorite movie is Rio and you can sing all of the songs from the soundtrack.  You have definitely gone through many favorite movies since your Toy Story days but Rio has been at the top of your list for a long time now.

You are also quite technically savvy.  If it’s a computer, tablet, or fancy phone you love it.  I try to shield you from all of that right now because I want you to put the pen to the paper.  However, we let you play Angry Birds on our phones, especially when we go to boring meetings.

I am pretty sure you are going to be a veterinarian when you grow up (right now a zoo doctor according to you).  We have actually been saying this since you were 2.  You love, love animals.  Three years ago your favorite animal were dogs.  This year it’s parrots, giraffes, and all kinds of jungle animals.  The parrot ranks at the top.  You keep begging John to buy you a macaw.  Daddy told you that when you graduate from vet school he would buy you one.  You remind him of this quite often.  We shall see!

You are such a big girl and we love you so much!  You are the light of our lives and we definitely can’t wait to see how you grow this year.  Please do us a favor and don’t grow too fast though!  Happy birthday sweet girl!

Week in the Life (4/26/2012)

Thursday was a busy, busy day.  John was on shift and Catherine was at school, so I was able to get quite a bit done.  I dropped Catherine off at school and then started hitting up the stores trying to get a few more things for Catherine’s birthday party.

After hitting some stores up I had lunch at a local tea room.   Their cheese soup is phenomenal!  I don’t even want to know how much fat is in that soup!  Something that good has to have a sinful amount!

I then made a beeline for the garden center to find some fertilizer and nutrients for garden soil.  I couldn’t pass up some beautiful flowers that were on sale.

I rushed home to drop the plants off and then rushed over to pick Catherine up from school.  I always have a fear that I am going to be late picking her up for school, so I must be 10-15 minutes early…on this day I was 2 minutes early, which is late by my standard!

After a short rest it was off to swimming lessons.  Catherine is doing a great job with her swimming!  If we can just teach her to float!

After swim lessons we had a quick dinner and then off to plant our new flowers and work in the garden and then a little bit of house cleaning.

Week in the Life (4/25/12)

This day was a whirlwind.  I spent the day running errands and shopping for Catherine’s birthday party next Saturday (the theme is Catherine’s Cupcake & Candy Shop).  So I hit the road and John and Catherine went off to visit the garden store.  We ended up buying terrible soil from a local dirt and mulch company and our plants are suffering.  More on that later.

I got to spend a nice and quiet lunch at La Madeleine…well, sort of quiet.  I had work emails and texts to answer.

Here is Catherine having her lunch with John.  She is posing for my sister…

And then the rest of my day consisted of this:

John and Catherine’s day consisted of this:

John had to buy a soil testing kit.  Part of soil testing means take samples of dirt and then letting them dry overnight.  It’s getting warm enough here that the dirt is dry within a few hours.  We tested it after we put Catherine to bed and the soil is lacking most nutrients and micro-nutrients.  I have some choice words for that dirt company but we are going to try and work with it because we don’t want to have dig up the whole stinking thing.

Catherine spent her afternoon and evening making a bird park that consisted of a pool, a nest, and swings.  She is very creative!

One of our first visitors to our new bird feeder.

And again, Catherine’s creative side came out.  She created a peacock outfit by making a mask and tail feathers out of those huge pipe cleaners.

The rest of our evening was pretty much the same as all of the other nights.  I had yoga class and John and Catherine hung out together.  Another busy but good day!


Week in the Life (4/24/12)

Our normal morning routine.  John was on shift and so it was just Catherine and I.

Driving to Catherine’s school field trip.

Catherine’s school field trip was held at Kemah Boardwalk.  The kids played at the park, fed and pet stingrays, rode on carnival rides, and played in the water fountain.  It was a fun and busy trip!

Catherine started swimming lessons today at the YMCA.  She loved it!  She is also more advanced than the other two children, so we are going to see if we can go up a level.

After swim lessons and a quick dinner, we headed out to the backyard to play and enjoy the weather.

Then it was clean up time.  Her art desk is always a mess and usually the most dreaded area to clean up.


Once the munchkin was in bed, it was time for me to hit the treadmill.  I am trying to do cardio on the days that I don’t do yoga or pilates.  I HATE the treadmill but I know I need to do it.


And because I didn’t have a chance to do any work during the day, I put in a bit of time before I headed to bed.

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