Homeschooling Into Week 4

We are officially entering into week 4 of our homeschooling journey.  So far there hasn’t been any major disasters.   It’s been a lot easier than I thought and yet at the same time it is a difficult as I have thought.  It’s such a learning curve for the both of us so adjusting to the schedule and following a curriculum is a bit crazy but all in all, we are enjoying our adventure.

What I love about homeschooling is that we can pick up and move our classroom to anywhere we choose.  We were reading about clownfish and camouflage, so the next day we packed up the sketch pad and the colored pencils and headed to the aquarium.  We studied the fish and she got to see firsthand some of the things we had been studying.  We then set up camp in front of a fish tank and she picked out some fish to color and sketch.  Art and science at one time, you can’t beat it!

We also spent some time watching an I-Max about polar bears.  This week we are studying bears and she was able to recall what she learned from that movie three weeks ago.

We chose the curriculum called Animals and their Worlds by Winter Promise.  She is such an animal nut that when I happened upon this company, I knew this was what we were going to use for the year.  So far we love it although we have had to tweek it to make it more understandable for her.  She is quite a smart child so there are quite a few concepts she has gotten a grasp of.  It’s pretty fascinating what information she retains.  I love this program because it is quite hands on with lots of exploration of the world around her.  Right now we are studying the woods and animals that live in the woods.  We have picked a small square in our backyard to study the plants and animals in that area.  It has been so much fun to look for bugs and birds and leaves and then study them.  I have to say it has been overwhelmingly hot to spend too much time outdoors.  I’m really looking forward to spending some time outside once it cools down.  The curriculum even had us build an exploration backpack that consists of all kinds of fun things to observe nature.

We also spend time on craft projects to go along with animals she is learning about and the letters and numbers that are integrated into the program.  They have some super cute projects that we have enjoyed doing!  I have to say though that John has been doing quite a few of the crafts with her.

To supplement the animal program we are using Winter Promise’s language arts program to help Catherine learn to read.  Teaching her how to read scares me as much as having to potty train her.  Their program has made the process enjoyable and it’s so amazing to watch her read short words!  We are also using Horizons Math.  Math scares me more than reading because I have always been TERRIBLE at math (just ask my dad.  I gave him many of his gray hairs!).  Once kindergarten math is done, John will have to start teaching it and I’m pretty sure I will need a workbook to learn with Catherine!

Our school week is short, only 4 days and the time we spend per day is only 2-3 hours. at the most.  I couldn’t believe how quickly we were able to get through the work and most of the work is fun!

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3 Responses to Homeschooling Into Week 4

  1. Lisa Freeman says:

    Wow! She sounds like she and you are having a great time doing this. So very proud of Catherine. Love and Hugs, Lisa

  2. Melissa Ferguson says:

    Had to laugh when I saw the globe – you can’t homeschool without a globe! (Seems like I see them in every single homeschool classroom pic online.) I actually put one on my Christmas list already :-)

  3. Dustin Quinn says:

    The concept of homeschooling is really very interesting and also attractive for kids. And also these pictures are lovely too.