Kindergarten Adventures


Catherine started kindergarten today.  I have to say I feel like a farce when I say this because we are homeschooling her.  Since I didn’t fill up a backpack with back-to-school goodies and pack her a lunch and then walked her to school, it somehow doesn’t feel like the real deal.  And the first day of following a curriculum was just too easy to be ‘real’ school.  However, we did spread out all of her new back-to-school goodies across the dining room table.  We opened up all of the awesome books that we will be studying and reviewing over the next 36 weeks of her kindergarten year and we got to work.  And after only two hours of math, reading and science, we ate lunch in the kitchen, sans the brown paper bag.

Only two hours?  That can’t be right!  Aren’t kids supposed to be in school for 6 or more hours?  I have read about how a homeschooled child will pack in more education in two three hour period than a traditional school will do in 6-8.  It sounded too good to be true and then today, it felt too good to be true.  Of course our curriculum is starting off slowly this first…thank the Lord!  Today though, we learned about skeletons and exoskeletons, measuring and counting (which was way to easy of a review for Miss Catherine).  We read good books, measured the dogs and the cat, studied a snail, and worked on some work-sheets.  All of this and we were done in less than two hours.

(This grainy photo was of Catherine and I measuring the dogs.  Trust me!  They felt tortured!)

After lunch Catherine spent about an hour playing on ABC Mouse, and online classroom for preschoolers and kindergartners while I did some work.  I love this program because it’s teaching her some basic computer skills while also reinforcing some things she already knows and then teaching her some things that she doesn’t know.

The best part of our day?  At 2pm we headed down to Kemah to spend time with some close family friends (and a mentor of mine).  While the adults chatted over a late lunch, the kids got to play and watch the fish at the aquarium.  Of course Catherine asked a lot of questions about the fish and we discussed some of the things that we had learned today and how it relates to the fish that she saw.  And since she spent about two to three hours of pure play time with some other kids, I think we got some ‘socialization’ time in for as well.  I HATE the socialization question!

All in all, we had a great first day of kindergarten.  Let’s hope day two goes just as well!

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3 Responses to Kindergarten Adventures

  1. autumnesf says:

    Sounds like a perfect first day to me.

    With all the uncertainty in our lives right now and our subpar school system we pulled Mouse and start 3rd grade at home this week. I homeschooled the other two at various points but wasn’t expecting to do it again with this one. LOL. Let the adventures begin.

  2. Alyson says:

    We “home schooled” AA over the summer, trying it out. Even though she started public school Kindergarten, we will do tutoring at home. All is well here and life is good. Hope you enjoy the school year!

    Alyzabeth’s Mommy

  3. nerida says:

    you did fine. there is so much wasted time at school. our homeschooled kids are better “socialized” than people think, because they meet folks of all ages and all walks all day every day!! spend some time at the library, too. you are doing fine. as long as she is learning, you are meeting her needs. she can learn as she sorts and folds laundry with you, makes a recipe with you. we loved starfall online. free and an excellent reading teacher proceeding at childs pace. mrs.k.