Project Life Jan 15-21

Last week’s post on Project Life did not contain a photo of a finished second page, so I wanted to show you that.  This is a page protector that has nine 4×4 squares.  I could not for the life of me get my printer to print the correct size for that week or for this week, so this particular page protector was a real pain to work with.  And, because I used it for the second part of my two page spread from last week, I would also have to use it for this week as well.  I don’t like all of the white space because it just seems so bland but it will have to do.

I also inserted an 8 1/2×11 page protector to put her progress report from gymnastics and her preschool newsletter into the weekly layout.

This past week John and I were fighting a cold, so we didn’t have too many opportunities to shoot photos. I did include a cookie bag from La Madeleine’s bakery.  I was able to size the pictures a bit better on the printer this week but they are still shy of the 4 inches needed to completely fill the squares so the pictures slide around.  I have found that I am not a fan of this 4×4 size, so I’m not sure I will be using it again during this project.  Again this is a minimalist week of photos with just some simple embellishments, writing directly on photos, and just using the pictures to tell the stories.  My journal block uses a stamped tag which I think turned out pretty well.

I can already feel the need to fancify my pages.  That old feeling that I had back when I scrapbooked is rearing its ugly head.  This is supposed to be a simple and easy project so I am fighting with myself internally about this.  I have to keep looking at other blogs that have those simple pages as well instead of getting wrapped up in trying to keep up with those that tend to create heavily embellished layouts.

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2 Responses to Project Life Jan 15-21

  1. Bev says:

    How are you trying to print the 4×4 photos? Do you use picasa? If you crop the photos to square and then print them as 4×6 with the ‘shrink to fit’ option tagged, they will print out as 4×4 squares (2 on a page)

    I also use a great program called FotoSlate that lets you set up a ‘template’ for how you want the photos on the page. You can draw 4×4 squares on the pages and then it will fill the photos into those squares. Using that, you would be able to get 4 photos on a page.

    Picasa is free, FotoSlate isn’t, but over the years I’ve found it extremely useful.

  2. Wendy says:

    Thanks Bev! I will try that suggestion! And I will have to look into FotoSlate as well! Thank you.