So, all of this laying around in bed and on the couch the last few days has me itching to do something new, something that wouldn’t involve a whole lot of movement.  Too much movement right now sends me into a fit of coughs and shortness of breath (I tried going to Target today to get a prescription and it nearly knocked me out).  While I am laying on the couch or in bed, twitching because I can see the clutter build up around the house, I bide my time surfing blogs and reading magazines about blogs, and then read more blogs.  I have managed to excavate a few new ones because my regular blogs are taking to darn long to update.  See?  Laying still for too long is not good for me!  Anyway, several blog designs have caught my eye and truthfully, I am tired of the way mine looks.  Being that this week is Chinese New Year, I must create something new and bring back order to my blog.  In the coming days if you see my site looking a little bit (or a lot) messed up, it’s probably because I am messing around with the style and the code. When that happens, I usually need a professional to bale me out.

Speaking of Chinese New Year, Catherine and I will be celebrating the Year of the Rabbit in San Francisco!  Woo Hoo!!  I wish John could come but somebody has to bring in a paycheck.

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